history bafcBallincollig Afc Founded 1974


We’re great. End of story. But if you want to know the reason why this is the section for you.

We will be developing this page very soon and will make all the history of our club accessible to all,

Check out the Club’s Roll of Honour here

Important Milestones
Election of Mr. Hogan as Club President

Different Snippets in Time
A roundup of the 1992/93 season

A report on the 1994 AGM

The very successful Youths team of 1995

The club’s 21st anniversary

Club profile in 2000

Mid season report in 2000/2001

2013/14 Season

AUL team promotion 2014 AUL Team

Senior team promoted Senior Team 2014

2014/15 Season

Managers and Committee members 2014/15 2014/15 Committee


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